Upload To Playlist

It uploads the video to youtube.

body: returns data

success_score: api success rate

errors: errors encountered in api

Here is the code:-

youtube.upload_to_playlist(title='Testing upload', video_path='C:/users/video.mp4', kid_type="Yes, it's made for kids", description='I am testing', playlist='DataKund', type='Public')
  • title (str) – title of video

  • video_path (str) – local file path of video

  • kid_type (str) – e.g Yes, it’s made for kids

  • description (str) – description of video

  • playlist (str) – playlist name

  • type (str) – e.g. Private or Public


{“body”: {‘VideoLink’: ‘VideoLink’}, “success_score”: “100”, “errors”: []}

Return type